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All under one roof.

Everything Under One Roof

Bear Creek Funeral Home and Cremation Centre is the only full-service funeral home in the region with everything under one roof, making it easier for families during the most difficult time of their lives.

Responsible pricing and personal care are hallmarks of our dedication. Our comfortable home and welcoming, genuine staff will assist you with everything you need from the most basic direct cremation to the most elaborate service, while respecting your traditions, desires, and budget.

Our Services

Traditional Services

For all faiths, or unique celebrations of life for a few family members or several hundred guests

Safe Return

Bear Creek Funeral Home can return your loved one home from anywhere in the world

Viewing/Prayer Services

Families have the freedom to participate in a special visit with your loved one after they’ve passed in whatever capacity they feel comfortable.

Personalized Memorial Tributes

We provide slideshows, cards, and stationary on disc or flash drive. 

Online Arrangements

Communicate your wishes and have them safely on file with Bear Creek Funeral Home

Onsite Cremation Sanctuary

Trust our on-site team to care for your family.

Interment of Ashes or Full Burial at any Cemetery

The cemetery is not for the dead, it is for the living.  It is a place to visit, remember, grieve, honor, and recover.  

Catering and Flowers

Whether it’s a family recipe, or your favourite caterer, our team is happy to assist.

International Arrangements

Let our team help arrange the transportation of your loved one.

Private Farewell

We offer both traditional burial or witness cremation to honor your loved one.

Memorial Services

We provide a unique and meaningful service to commemorate the life of your loved

Advanced Planning

While most people do not want to think about their own mortality, the time to pre-plan your funeral is now. 


Including live streaming of services

Monuments and personal niches for cremation urns

Our team will help to create personalized memorial headstones and family niches.

Celebration of Life

Pay tribute to a loved one while saying goodbye in a uniquely personal way

Traditional Burial

The directors and staff at Bear Creek Funeral Home understand the importance of the traditional burial of a loved one. With the utmost respect for traditions of faith and culture, we are dedicated to the highest standard of funeral service for eight or 800 in the best facility for your needs.

We take care of everything from start to finish… the service, the cemetery, the paperwork.


Cremation can be a lower-cost alternative to burial, and provides a great deal of  flexibility in planning meaningful celebrations of life. Bear Creek Funeral Home owns and operates the only onsite crematorium in Grande Prairie.

The Cremation Centre at Bear Creek Funeral Home truly sets us apart in the Peace Country. Our cremations are always completed by a licensed professional at our onsite crematorium, which means that your loved one is always in good hands.

At Bear Creek Funeral Home, you can spend the time you need with your loved one immediately before cremation occurs. Our beautifully-appointed Cremation Centre provides a peaceful, comfortable setting for you and your family as you say a final good-bye. Families appreciate the opportunity to incorporate the traditions of a private graveside service into a ceremonial cremation, rather than a large celebration of life. Whatever suits you and your family is now an option in Grande Prairie.

Did you know that you can use meaningful items in place of a cremation urn?

We will help you select the perfect item that honours a life in a very unique way. As a woodworker and artist, Doug has customized pieces upon request by families and has assisted families in creating their own urns from a variety of items and materials. Families may also choose to bring in a vessel that reminds them of their loved one, for the most fitting place of final rest.

Memorial Services

Providing a unique and meaningful service to commemorate the life of your loved one is as important to us as it is to you. The directors at Bear Creek Funeral Home spend time listening to get to know the life we are honouring, and we seek ways to make their celebration of life special.

Whether an intimate event for eight, or a celebration of life for 800 guests complete with jumbo monitors, we can provide the unique experience you have in mind.

Safe Return

Nobody plans to die while away from home, but the reality is that it happens. When it happens, Safe Return will get your loved one home with only one phone call. Mackinnon and Bowes, unquestionably the Canadian experts in bringing home deceased people from all over the globe, will be at your fingertips. They will manage everything, from dealing with funeral service providers to obtaining the death certificate and overseeing all transportation.

Start Before You Leave

When you’re in an unfamiliar country, dealing with a tragedy can be so much harder, compounded by language barriers and unexpected costs. How do you deal with it? The easiest way is to start now before you leave.

Ease the Burden

Safe Return Assistance Plan is a one-time fee of under $500 and you’ll be brought home with respect and care no matter where you were traveling, easing the burden on your family.

Interment of Ashes or Full Burial at any Cemetery

The cemetery is not for the dead, it is for the living.  It is a place to visit, remember, grieve, honor, and recover. We believe is important to have somewhere separate from the home to come remember, grieve and honor the lost.

Many Share In A Loss

Another critical reason it is important to have a specific public place to mourn is that many others share in grieving the loved one lost. Rare is it that there is only one griever in a loss.  There are many.  Everyone needs a dedicated place to come, when convenient to them, to do as you do; remember, grieve, honor and recover.

How We Can Help

Whether it is traditional burial or interment of ashes, our team is here to ease the process and work with your family every step of the way. 

Viewing/Prayer Services

Families have the freedom to participate in a special visit with their loved one after they’ve passed in whatever capacity they feel comfortable. Our comfortable viewing space is customized to the person who has passed, and our team will provide whatever support your family needs.

Things to Consider

Grief experts say that a viewing can be helpful for a number of reasons:

  • It helps to lessen the likelihood of disbelief and denial, especially if the death is sudden or unexpected – seeing the person helps us to cope with the reality of what has happened
  • It allows us to see the person not in pain or in a clinical hospital setting where they may have been surrounded by medical equipment, tubes and other apparatus
  • It gives you an opportunity to say your own goodbye or any other words you didn’t get a chance to say. It’s important that you aren’t left with things unsaid – the viewing can be a beneficial opportunity to say: “I love you.” “I’ll miss you.” “Thank you for everything.” “I wish I’d said I was sorry for the time when…”

Catering and Flowers

At Bear Creek Funeral Home our goal is to help families in whatever unique way they need. Our team is happy to take care of all catering and floral arrangements or allow families the freedom to arrange on their own. 

Interested in serving a family favorite recipe? 

Our facility allows you to honor a loved one with a home-cooked meal or a professional caterer. Choose what is best for your family’s needs. 

Photography and Videography

Share this occasion with those near and far with our videography and photography services. Our facility is able to live-stream the day so that everyone can say goodbye, regardless of geography or mobility. 


Personalized Memorial Tributes

Bring in your photos and music and our team will create a meaningful slideshow, card, and stationery to honor your loved one.

We take pride in offering professional quality tributes by utilizing the latest software and tools.


International Arrangements

Whether you need to bring a loved one home to Alberta, or arrange their final destination outside of the province or country, our team is here to help. From the documents to liaising with officials, our team is here to assist during this difficult time and get your loved ones home safe and sound. 

Things to Consider

This process can take time. It can take about 3-5 business days to arrange all the necessary documents, book flights, and receive approval from the medical examiner.

Viewings can be arranged. Families are welcome to view their loved one at our funeral home before they are shipped out of the province.

Contact the airline. When traveling with cremated remains, it is best to contact the airline first. Our funeral home will supply all necessary documents, and it is important to know that cremated remains must be in carry-on luggage in an x-ray-able container.

Monuments and Personal Niches for Cremation Urns

In Alberta, families are welcome to provide their own vessel for ashes, ​whether handmade or purchased elsewhere. Bear Creek Funeral Home is honored to work with families to create personalized memorial headstones and family niches that are completely custom to their wishes.

Tribute Gifts and Bear Creek Funeral Home put their trust in Edmonton Granite Memorials, another family-owned company that values quality and service.

Private Farewell

Bear Creek Funeral Home offers families the opportunity for a private graveside farewell or a private farewell in our cremation sanctuary.

A witness cremation or private graveside ceremony provides an important step in the grieving process for final separation from the deceased. It offers an opportunity for closure and helps the grieving come to terms with their loved one being gone. 

Celebration of Life

A celebration of life service is an opportunity for family and friends to pay tribute to a loved one while saying goodbye in a uniquely personal way.

For families that want a more uplifting or personalized service, a celebration of life provides an opportunity to set the tone.

Past ideas include:

  • Barbecuing with Dad’s grill
  • Musical jam sessions
  • Photo albums and memorabilia on every table
  • Custom gifts for guests
  • Motorbikes and tractors in the parking lot

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