Standard Adult Urn
193 Cubic Inch
L 6.89 Inch W 6.89 Inch H 9.84 Inch

Keepsake Urn
4 Cubic Inch
L 2.24 Inch W 2.24 Inch H 2.95 Inch

Threaded Top
Presentation Box/Pouch

Threaded Top
Presentation Pouch

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The Saturn Bronze Standard Adult Urn is a symbol of strength, resilience, and timeless beauty. With a capacity of 193 cubic inches, the Saturn Bronze Standard Adult Urn provides a dignified resting place for your beloved’s precious memories and ashes. Its dimensions measure L 6.89 inches, W 6.89 inches, and H 9.84 inches. The Keepsake Urn measures L 2.24 inches, W 2.24 inches, and H 2.95 inches with a capacity of 4 Cubic Inches. This Urn offers a graceful presence reminiscent of the majestic rings of Saturn. Crafted from premium alloy materials, this urn embodies durability, elegance, and the enduring bond that will forever reside in your heart. The threaded top opening ensures secure closure, providing peace of mind that your loved one’s remains are held with utmost care and reverence. Each Saturn Bronze Standard Adult Urn comes with a presentation box or pouch, offering a touch of sophistication and warmth to the overall tribute. Our urns are meticulously crafted to provide solace and comfort during times of remembrance.

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