Standard Adult Urn
293 Cubic Inch
L 7.68 Inch W 7.68 Inch H 10.24 Inch
L 2.36 inch W 2.36 inch H 2.95 inch
Brass & Alloy
Threaded Top
Presentation Box/Pouch
Engraving Options Available
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Meticulous care and attention have gone into crafting this Adore oval-shaped Standard Adult Urn, which offers a spacious capacity of 293 cubic inches, providing ample space to safeguard the precious memories and ashes of your loved one. Its dimensions measure L 7.68 inches, W 7.68 inches, and H 10.24 inches, creating a fitting tribute that evokes the promise of renewal and eternal life. The Adore keepsake urn measures L 2.36 Inches, W 2.36 inches. H 2.95 Inches. with a 7 cubic inch capacity. Forged from premium brass and alloy materials, this urn embodies strength and durability, symbolizing the enduring love and connection you shared with your beloved. The threaded top opening ensures secure closure, offering peace of mind that your loved one’s remains are held with the utmost care and respect. Each Adore Urn is accompanied by a presentation pouch, adding a touch of elegance to the overall tribute. Furthermore, we offer engraving options, allowing you to personalize the urn with a name, date, or meaningful inscription, ensuring that their memory is forever honoured in a heartfelt manner.

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